Google’s Android powered phone is coming!

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It’s official! The well known Google Android powered phone is all set for launch. T-Mobile is launching the first Android powered mobile phone on 23rd September this year. Invitations to the launch event have leaked all over the net. The HTC-manufactured phone would be launched at a media-only event and the phone is expected to hit stores next month in October all over US.

The Android powered phone will combine an iPhone style touch screen technology along with a job ball, accelerometer like the one in iPhone. The most speculated feature attached with Android is that it’s open. Any developer can register, develop applications for Android powered phones and submit it to the online Android marketplace.

Pricing isn’t out as yet but reports suggest a price tag of around $400 without contract. You can expect HTC to officially launch the phone in India by the year end. Will Android live up to it’s expectations? Well, we’ll see!

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  2. Android is a kid who needs time to grow up. With Google acting mother it won’t take much longer but I’ll still go with Apple’s super hot sexy iPhone 3G! Getting it in my hands by next week, will post some snaps to you guys. Yes you are starting to become jealous!

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