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watch ipl matches online

Now you’ll be able to watch all of IPL (Indian Premier League) T20 cricket matches live on YouTube. IPL has signed an agreement with online video major YouTube to broadcast all of the IPL cricket matches online worldwide. The latest IPL 2010 season kicks off in March and YouTube shall be broadcasting live coverage of around 60 IPL T20 matches online. This is the first ever major sporting event that YouTube has agreed to broadcast live online. YouTube is currently on the lookout for both global and local sponsors.

This means this season of IPL shall be made available to a worldwide audience through YouTube. That’s amazing. Just imagine how much IPL will grow due to this live streaming of all the matches online. Lalit Modi has once again proved how far he can go to make IPL a global success. Also with live coverage of IPL matches on YouTube, the online video major will make it big in terms of online streaming of events. It’s definitely a win win situation for both the teams.

Watching IPL matches live on YouTube online could be free (advertising supported) or paid for high definition videos. There’s no confirmed report on whether YouTube will charge viewers for watching live IPL matches. I doubt whether there will be any fee involved since the sponsors shall make up for all of it. So now one can catch up with IPL matches online from anywhere. How cool is that?! I’m loving it!

Update: Lalit Modi has made some clarifications on Twitter regarding the live streaming of all IPL matches on YouTube. He’s claiming that;

1. Viewers will be able to watch live stream of all IPL matches for free on YouTube.
2. The IPL cricket matches will be available on demand at YouTube.
3. IPL teams might soon be available on Twitter so their fans can follow and support their teams online.

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