Next-gen iPhone Coming This April?

fourth generation iphone

Alright Apple iPhone fan boys here’s a scoop. Reports have it that Apple is indeed coming out with a next-generation iPhone and it might debut as early as April 2010. KT, an exclusive iPhone provider in South Korea, has it’s officials claiming that the Apple iPhone next-gen will feature an OLED screen, a removable battery and video chat apart from other enhancements in software and hardware.

A report in the Korea Times claims that the new iPhone will include a dual-core processor, powerful graphics and an even more powerful camera. In case Apple really bundles it’s new device with dual-core processing capabilities, it might hit the 2 Ghz mark using the much anticipated Cortex-A9 processor design from ARM. Now, is Apple going to take a shift from Google’s superphone to powerphone for it’s latest iPhone? Well time will decide!

As of now KT has already begun talking about selling the fourth generation iPhone to corporate masses in early April. However local distributors are expected to get hold of the phone by June which is the most expected time for an iPhone launch. At least now we have a somewhat foggy view of the upcoming fourth generation iPhone. What’ll be interesting to watch is how Apple will treat the new iPhone in presence of the recently launched Google Nexus One. We’re headed for some interesting times in the war of smartphones where the consumer is a real winner!

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