5 American TV Shows we Indians Love!


heroes tv show in india

We Indians love to watch superheros. We’ve always been used to the epic Ramayan and the Mahabharat. Heroes just fulfills that modern day hunger for something supernatural. Watching ordinary people with extraordinary capabilities adds to the icing on the cake.

Desperate Housewives

desperate housewives tv show in india

Desperate Housewives is like any other Indian saas-bahu show but with an ultra glossy look, interesting stories and rich characters. All that comedy-drama thing really keeps one glued to their TV screens craving for some more bitching housewives’ secrets.


lost tv show in india

I really love the whole concept of a plane crashing on a scary little island with super healing powers and then mysterious creatures and people coming out of nowhere. Add time travel to that and you have a perfect prime time show we’d love to watch. The whole whats-gonna-happen-next feeling drives me crazy!

Prison Break

prison break tv show in india

We Indians are used to watching hopeless criminals and revenge-seeking heroes escaping prisons in the most disgusting unreal ways. Prison Break is a fresh change for us that we love to watch. It’s great to watch Michael Scofield kick some real butt in prison cells, the Company’s mysterious little plans and all that action.

House M.D

house md tv show in india

House is a medical drama that is not only interesting but gives you food for thought. A very well thought concept makes the show stand out. I love Hugh Laurie’s performance as Dr. House in the show. A must-see show for all those who are medically curious (whatever that means) and paranoid freaks like me.

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  1. I second SAM , EnTOurage has to make it to the List … Vincent chase n his boys are way better than Eva n her Housewife pals any DAy !

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