Hands-on iPad Gaming Videos

The folks at Slide to Play have released some hands-on gaming demos on the Apple iPad. The videos showcase games such as Need for Speed Shift, NOVA, Scrabble and Super Monkey Ball 2 on the iPad. Gaming is destined to get even better with the big screen version of an iPhone. As you all know by now that almost all iPhone apps will work for the iPad. However games and apps optimized for the iPad would be so cool thanks to powerful processing, big multi-touch screen and an array of popular games.

Here you can see the Need for Speed Shift on an Apple iPad. It’s not an optimized version for iPad but it still looks pretty solid.

NOVA on Apple iPad

Other games on Apple iPad

Cool ain’t it? This has certainly got me excited. I am buying an Apple iPhone. More games and apps are expected to be optimized for the iPad by the time it arrives. I may not be a serious gamer but who knows iPad could change it for me.

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