10 Reasons to Skip Aamir’s Ghajini!

aamir khan ghajini movie preview

Aamir Khan’s hairdo for Ghajini is as terrible as the film’s plot. The hairdo reminds me of the next door dog. He sports something similar.Β 

Ghajini is a yet another Bollywood film inspired by a yet another Hollywood film.

The movie’s climax is residing in almost every Indian’s cell phone inbox.

The actress in the movie whose name I-don’t-bother-to-remember sucks at acting.

The Ghajini soundtrack is simply…..well it’s this bad!

The action sequences one can make out from the promos are heavily inspired from Hollywood movies.

Aamir’s so called abs look as bad as Shah Rukh’s. Not that I’m jealous, I have a six pack ab myself. I just don’t flaunt it in public. I like to keep it hidden…under layers of fat.

Aamir is not a guy for an action movie. He’s too chocolate!

Save the money you’ll spend on watching the movie and donate it for Mumbai 26/11 Terror victims.

Last and most important the movie sucks. You’ll regret watching it.

37 Replies to “10 Reasons to Skip Aamir’s Ghajini!”

  1. I can understand u spent your hard earn money on it but acting like this it’s not a great idea coz amir has done a lot of hard work for and i’m sure once he reads it and beats you , you will surely come out of the illusion that amir is chocolate hero…!

  2. Dude,you have the most ridiculous ten pointer I’ve read in a long time.It reeks of jealousy.The only point I found pertinent was the climax bit,well,it was bad.

    I don’t get what you so called intellectuals want from an entertainer?What did you expect,Memento?I am sure you have not seen the original Ghajini.For all those intellectuals obsessed with Memento,please understand that the only common point is the amnesia thing and the fact that both the protagonists use photos and all.It’s like Star Wars and the fifth element.Just because there were some common pointers(hell,there were even inspired aliens)does it make the fifth element a copy of Star Wars?

    Memento is a modern day classic.Ghajini is an entertainer.Understand the difference.I am not saying that Ghajini is a great film.Personally,I didn’t like it too much either.But that doesn’t mean I’ll insult people associated with it.Were you forced and dragged to the theatre to spend your money?I don’t think so.You made the choice of spending your money,now learn to live with it.Never question a person’s hard work and emotions associated with a film.Aamir Khan has and will achieve more than most average guys will and that needs to be applauded.

  3. @VB

    dude.. u are absolutely right.. this blog piece lacks the basic minimum impartiality or rationality expected.. i too dont like ghJINI as film..but i wont post my post-liquor rants as a blog either.. πŸ™‚ grow up harry! (i loved the bit ’bout six packs though πŸ˜‰ ..haha) )

  4. It’s funny to see how people just can’t withstand anyone’s opinion. Come on guys, you like the movie fine with it. At least have the decency to let someone have an opinion.

    On a personal note, Ghajini sucked!

  5. harry,,actually that’ll b ideal..everybody having an independent opinion..but the world’s still not ideal buddy..90% people prefer hanging on to the remaining 10% ppl’s opinion..dont even exercise their preferences.. the opinion of those 10% no longer can remain personal, there comes a sense of responsibility also. u r one of those 10% buddy..coz u’r writing a blog.. that’s all.. no hard feelings

  6. what makes you think everyone having an independent opinion makes an ideal world?! lolz

    If you like a green underwear there will be people out there who’ll be your followers…if I say I like a red one…why do guys start scratching your butt and complaining that why does this guy like a black underwear!

    do u get my point?!

  7. @ank:

    “90% people prefer hanging on to the remaining 10% ppl’s opinion..dont even exercise their preferences.”

    LOL! I don’t know if it’s really 90% but if you’re part of that herd then God help you. So you mean you go by someone’s opinion. Either you belong to a dictator land or you’ve simply become fluid because of the woman in your life.

    Either way..I DONT think that 90% people are brainless. Get a life guys!

  8. :).. i’ll be happy to be proven wrong.. but i don’t think i am. but yes..90% ppl are not brainless..never said that..but they don’t use their brains to exercise their preferences..it’s too easy to have someone take u’r decisions for you.. cases like.. hey bacchan is the the greatest actor India has seen.. sholay is the best film..oye lucky is a boring film coz the story never shows any twist.. won’t like no smoking..wtf was the story??? why the hell john agreed to do this film?… it is a bad film!..oh yes..coz times of india rated it 1 star..taran adarsh said it doesnt cater to the yuppy crowd..
    this IS what we indian audience are..u maybe not.. then u fall among the 10% ..kudos to you..

  9. Harry, You can have your opinions and as long as you keep it with yourself nobody will bother. But when you post it for the public to see, then people will for sure let you know what they think about your opinion.

    So stop whining!

  10. man the movie was utter crap…
    so cheesy and so lame…
    aamir overacted so firggin much…and the asin girl cant act. Like its so friggin lame, like the time she helps the old blind guy cross the road…and the script is so cheesy!
    god, rang de basanti was so much better!!!!!!!

  11. Who ever wrote this blog is a no good moron.
    This should be renamed as 5 REASONS TO NEVER READ HIS BLOGS
    2)HE’S A LOSER.

  12. Surely this pathetic retard who wrote this blog has amnesia, after seeing such a brilliant picture he forgot what he saw and wrote this crap.

  13. As per health magazines, ppl who have six pack abs sit less than 1% on computer and u have a damn blog, get realisitic.

    Ghajini is pure action movie, i dont care if its copy even hey baby was, its abt how its remade and how it connects. Btw if u r so bothered make your own version of it!

    You are just another loser who does not want to accept it.

  14. Seriously mate, Ghajini sucked big time. I had good expectations from Amir but i was disappointed. Though the movie is liked by many, it didn’t touch the right nerve in me…
    The music is average and the actions sequences were unreal…How can he make people fly like a blender in the air by just hitting them? He is not a robot or something, he’s just acting like a mad animal. lol
    Anyways, nice review and as previously said, quite funny πŸ˜›

  15. Woho ! Luks like ghajini’s action was nothing compared to what’s happening on this thread πŸ˜›

    The movie was a huge (3 fking hrz) piece of South-Indian Crap , with mindless action , sorry, The mind-Numbing action , & no sense whatsoever . The amount of loopholes can be compared to the no. of stars on a starry night … & the background score was clearly given by a deaf guy , i actually saw women plugging their ears with fingertips , just when Aamir was about to have that Hulk-Moment.

    Senseless ,disappointing stuff from an actor of such credibility , no wonder he went all out with the add campaign — from shaving hair to singing on chat shows . Looks like they are all competing to outsell their own pieces of crap , as aamir clearly said :

    ” If shah Rukh & Akshay can do it , I can do it better ” …

  16. Bark and shout as much you guys like.THIS MOVIE IS A BLOCKBUSTER AND THE GREATEST HIT OF 2008.
    Hats off to Aamir for a mind blowing performance

  17. don’t think that I am blindly supporting the author, But my personal opinion is that the Tamil Version was a lot better. We were snoozing in the theatres…

  18. I saw momento for a psychology class. It was a good movie. Going into Ghajini did not expect it to be like Momento and I was right. It wasn’t, it sucked. oh my god how did people like this movie, There was no logic in it. The actress was horrible and the curious student was annoying to say the least. No harm in using the partial memory loss in your plot but explain this to me a Business tycoon gets beat up and nearly killed. Nobody is even investigating. All in all this movie sucked.

  19. If nothing else, the acting and music was GREAT! Asin acted good! what the hell are you talking about, man?!
    I haven’t seen Momento or south-indian version or Ghajini and don’t plan to either. For me, it was a great movie experience. The story had so many twist and turns. Man, i feel bad for you. Chill!

  20. Ghajini is a movie for indians who dont know what good acting is. They only wanna see the indian version (hindi) of hollywood movies they see on star movies. oh my god it was a really bad movie. I thought Aamir was a good actor but he is as bad as shahrukh

  21. Lol, Ghajni sucks big time !

    So what if it did the business?

    Fact still remains that Ghajini overall as a movie is not a complete entertainer as many claim, and I am sure Aamir himself knows it.

    Music was good, and that’s all.

    I mean come on, I got a headache by the loud sound effects and music and suii suuiii editing, who in the world can appreciate that?

    Bad cinema I tell you πŸ™‚

  22. Hi Dear,

    You are very Right. This Movie really suck. I t will cause last longing memory of ever worst movie made by bollywood… If some people have seen this movie ave noticed there is no story about revenge at all..lol
    The hero lost his memory in 15 minutes .. in first half he tattooed every thing but in climax .. girl read more than 500 pages of dairy and he remember everything … ha ha ha what f***??? above all … you wil seen ever worst performance by Aamir khan.. when he stand up and clutched out the iron bar from his tummy .. and walk childishly like an a**hole…. thanks for reading comment I know most of u waiting for these … ha ha ha

  23. Oh i missed the part.
    Yaar these is nothing about ghajni at all in this movie … a so called don and they didnt portray his role in movie and named on him ..nhng explained about ha ha ha

  24. do u even knw the meaning of movie.. an if u r so inspireed by hollywod movies, why the hell u r residing in india.. go take ur ass there and get it fucked… bullshit preview…

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