5 Reasons to Avoid MTNL’s 3G Mobile Services!

mtnl 3g jadoo service review

– It’s called Jadoo. MTNL employs some of the worst marketing freaks ever known to the mankind. Their mobile phone services are called Dolphin and Garuda and stuff like that. Now go out there in a high profile business conference and tell them you’re using Jadoo 3G services. I dare you!

– It’s Rs.5 for a mega byte of data transfer on their 3G/GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA based services. They promise you a speed of about 384 kbps if you’re on the move and about 2.5 Mbps if you don’t move your ass much and stay calm. No complaints about the speeds as such. But the 5 bucks per MB of data transfer is enough to push up my blood pressure. Mind you there are no unlimited data transfer packages on their tariff list.

– Video calls are supposed to be charged at Rs. 1.8 p.m (intra network) and Rs. 3 p.m (inter network). Sounds fine? Ask the customer care if the data transfer involved in video calls is charged separately, to which an answer should be no, and they’re clueless. They’ll get into robotic modes and repeat the whole God damn tariff for you. They don’t know what data transfer means, no sir. No way! So it’s scary to use video calls as I might be sent an inflated bill by the end of the month.

– The 3G network services are only available in New Delhi’s MC areas and the NCR region of Gurgaon. MTNL promised it would launch the 3G services in the entire Delhi region and that’s what they claim when you get your connection but the gravity of the situation is tells a different story. One you zoom away from the 3G enabled region you’re greeting by the what-the-heck-is-3G towers.

– MTNL’s top of the hill-top claims that it’s 3G network is highly reliable and top notch are simply a fantasy. If you’re lured by those full page ads and you end up really subscribing to MTNL’s 3G services a.k.a Jadoo 3G then God help you. I personally regret my decision to sign up for MTNL’s 3G services. I’m now waiting for Airtel’s 3G services to launch in Delhi. I’m eager to switch to Airtel blindly. At least they’ll be better than MTNL!

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