Yahoo says it’s not them, it’s You!

yahoo new marketing campaign

Yahoo has recently decided on a all new branding campaign which revolves around more in-depth user customized content. Yahoo aims to connect directly to it’s end users in an interactive fashion. Their new tag line is “Y!ou” now. The new campaign is going to make Yahoo’s bank account lighter by more than $100 million. So get ready ready to swallow those ‘You’ banners thrown at you. I seriously think Yahoo could use that much money to hire talent that will help create better products for them. As it is they’re having a hard time trying to hold on to their market share as Google and Microsoft grow with better and more innovative products. I stopped using Yahoo Mail ever since Gmail came up. I was never really a big fan of their search engine either. It’s going to take more than just another campaign to bring old users back.

Good luck Yahoo!

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