Part 1: Who killed JFK?

Asif’s nervous heart pounded hard as he took off his boxers. He tried to overshadow his fear as he kissed Susan  again. Susan, lying naked on his bed, grabbed Asif and hugged him as tight as she could. Asif felt like he’s never made love to a girl before. The sweat on his forehead bore the tags of fear. Susan thought of him being a virgin and went on with her love making spree, kissing Asif all over.

The phone downstairs started ringing. Asif sighed a moment of relief and ran downstairs. Asif picked up his Blackberry and answered the call. “Mr. Asif Mohammad, just stay where you are and listen to me carefully or your girlfriend shall die “, said the person. The voice on the other side was serious and dark. The person spoke with utmost confidence. Asif yelled out, “Who is this? What is going on?”. The voice on the other side repeated the same line again and warned that if Asif didn’t follow then the consequences could be harsh.

Asif didn’t listen and ran upstairs to the bedroom. He went into the room and found Susan lying naked on the bed in a pool of blood. Asif checked out the entire room but there was no sign of a stranger. He looked downstairs and the door seemed locked hard. Asif, deep into shock, started crying out loud. He was too scared to look at Susan.

Asif’s Blackberry started ringing again. Asif answered the call in a hurry and shouted, “Who the hell are you? What do you think you’re doing?”. “Honey it’s me!”, a woman spoke up. “Oh! I thought it was…well..nobody. Why did you call? “, Asif asked. “Honey I’ll be late so I want you to make sure you put the kids to sleep”, she answered. Asif didn’t carry on with the conversation and terminated the call.

The door bell rang and Asif’s heart was almost in his mouth. He ran downstairs and asked who it was. It was the Police. Asif immediately opened the door in shock, hoping the Police was there to help him out. One of the cops got hold of Asif and pushed him to the floor. The other one handcuffed Asif and told him they were arresting him.

Asif didn’t speak. He was used to minor detentions like these ever since 9/11 happened. He had forgotten Susan was lying dead on his bed. He didn’t care he had to put his kids to bed tonight. He had never been so confused in his life. The cops found Susan’s dead body and asked Asif if he had killed her. Asif was speechless. Someone had possibly framed him but he was as carefree as a kindergarten kid.

[To be continued…]

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