How To Crop Images in WordPress 2.9 Image Editor

WordPress 2.9 features a built-in Image Editor which provides basic image editing features. Now it’s not rocket science to use the Image Editor in WordPress 2.9 but somehow the image cropping feature didn’t work out for me initially. What happened was I didn’t know to use it properly. Apart from the other functions such as flipping images, scaling etc. the image crop in the editor works differently. Once you go through this tiny article you’ll discover how silly you and I have been not being able to use image cropping in the WordPress 2.9 editor.

Here’s how it’s done;

crop image problem wordpress 2.9

crop image problem solution wordpress 2.9

croping images wordpress 2.9

There you go, you weren’t supposed to click save and rather click on the crop tool again to crop the image. This is different from the way you work with other tools in the image editor in WordPress 2.9.

How lame?! πŸ˜›

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  1. Yes I got as far as dragging the mouse to select the crop area as stated in your #3 but still no highlighted crop tool. (Can’t click on it.)

    This step is not working for me:
    “Now again press the crop tool this will crop your image.”

    I tried this also but nothing. “now press the save to store the cropped image.”

  2. Brett,
    I hear ya. I had the EXACT same problem as you. I drag the cursor and highlight the area I want to crop, but the crop tool is still not highlighted. Ridiculously enough, the following worked for me.

    1. open the image in the image editor window

    2. click on one of the OTHER tools–such as rotate. Rotate the pic once and then rotate it back.

    SOMEHOW, after I did this, the crop tool became highlighted. I know it sound stupid but any port in a storm. Now my crop tool works properly and I don’t have to do that trick anymore. Go Figure.

  3. Same problem here.
    Seems like the the crop icon is shaded until I select an area large enough.
    I want to crop a picture to 100×57 pixels to create a thumb image, but WordPress think it’s too small.

    If I select a larger area the crop tool is highlighted = clickable.
    Very strange. I would call it a bug. πŸ™‚

  4. Harry,
    I tried cropping an image for the first time today, and spent 20 minutes trying to figure it out!
    I am so happy I’ve found you. It was so simple.
    Thanks for the great tutorial.

  5. A good example of bad usability design. The crop is counterintuitive to what almost everyone is used to. When something this basic confounds so many and has to be explained, the design is at fault. I hope we see this bug fixed in a near future release of WordPress.

  6. Thanks, that worked for me, I can now crop the image, however, when I choose the cropped image to be the “Page Image” the thumbnail shows up on the published page as the full image. Anyone else having this problem and is there a fix? Thanks.

  7. It looks like the selection has to be at least 150 pixel wide (across) in order to activate the crop button. I don’t know why, but it is possible to crop, just not tiny images. Hopefully they’ll fix it in the next version.

    1. seems to be a Firefox plugin conflict (sigh…. i have too many but i love them all). i still stand by the statement that the media uploader needs an overhaul. it is NOT intuitive enough for people who aren't wordpress geeks.

  8. Hey thanks so much, I have just downloaded this new theme and I spent the last 10 hours trying to figure out how to make this thumbnail thing work out-I am not really good with codes and your tutorial came in handy. Thanks again

  9. Not changed in the latest WP 3.5.1

    Lame UI without correct prompts such as cursor change or icon change, weird counter-intuitive workflow.

    Not stopping there, we have no way to specify the actual attachment image we want to change OR the ability to save it as a new attachment size.

    The whole thing seems rushed and incomplete, a half-hearted attempt at providing image manipulation really. Shame, it thoroughly lets down WordPress as a CMS.

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