Movie Review: Babylon AD

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This is one of the worst movies of the year. In fact it’s the worst movie of the year. I never expected anything like this. Vin Diesel was just …
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Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld in Microsoft Ad!

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These Ads were supposed to be funny. Microsoft is putting in $300 Million into the campaign. One can take a look and go WTF?! Get A Mac ads are …
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Microsoft makes a fool out of people!

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What do you do when you make a crappy OS and everyone knows the level of crap you put in there? You look for innocent people who aren’t fully …
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Race: Moral of the story

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Race movie Review

What you end up learning from a really crappy movie:

++ Major horse racing events are fixed. That too by the next door chantu-bantus!

++ While signing an important document, make sure it’s not a marriage certificate. In case Katrina is your secretary, just go for it!

++ If your younger brother eyes the love of your life, don’t let him have her.

++ Investigating officers in South Africa are provided with a dumb but really hot chick. Her mission is to feed you with water melons, oranges, grapes and all sorts of exotic fruits.

++ 100 Million isn’t a large amount.

++ The next time you decide to swap cars while racing with your enemy, do check for bombs and break failures. Read More