Movie Review: Babylon AD

movie review babylon ad

This is one of the worst movies of the year. In fact it’s the worst movie of the year. I never expected anything like this. Vin Diesel was just an illusion so that they could attract a mass audience. It seems to me like they somehow forgot the last bit of the movie. A poorly executed, jackass sci-fi and Tom and Jerry action flick. Skip this one.

Microsoft makes a fool out of people!

microsoft mojave experiment

What do you do when you make a crappy OS and everyone knows the level of crap you put in there? You look for innocent people who aren’t fully aware of your crap and you fool them. That’s exactly what Microsoft did. They called it The Mojave Experiment. Microsoft looked for people who’ve never used Windows Vista and decided to fry their ass by faking Windows Vista as codename “Mojave”, the next Microsoft OS.

According to Microsoft 94% of the fried asses rated the OS higher than they initially rated Windows Vista. Now why and how did they rate Windows Vista without even using it? Just look at those poor innocent people in the videos. I don’t know what Microsoft showed them that got them really excited about Windows Vista.

It’s clear that Microsoft is aiming to impress people who are not even aware that Windows Vista exists. IT managers have cited Vista’s resource requirements, intrusive security features, and lack of compatibility with older software among their reasons for not moving to the OS. I have to use Vista because no Linux distro supports my keyboard.

Race: Moral of the story

Race movie Review

What you end up learning from a really crappy movie:

++ Major horse racing events are fixed. That too by the next door chantu-bantus!

++ While signing an important document, make sure it’s not a marriage certificate. In case Katrina is your secretary, just go for it!

++ If your younger brother eyes the love of your life, don’t let him have her.

++ Investigating officers in South Africa are provided with a dumb but really hot chick. Her mission is to feed you with water melons, oranges, grapes and all sorts of exotic fruits.

++ 100 Million isn’t a large amount.

++ The next time you decide to swap cars while racing with your enemy, do check for bombs and break failures. Continue reading “Race: Moral of the story”