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  • Movie Review – Guzaarish

    So I finally saw Guzaarish last night, something I thought would take someone to put a gun to my head to make me watch it. I haven’t really been a fan of either Sanjay Leela Bansali’s movies or Aishwarya and Hrithik’s acting skills. Although I feel the latter did a good job in some of […]

  • Movie Review: Aisha

    How it all began? [Phone rings] Sonam: Hey pappa! How’re you doin? Anil: I’m gr8, don’t call me pappa. It sounds like I’m your father or something. Sonam: But you’re my pappppa na! Anil: Ok ok so what do you want now? Sonam: Pappa I wanna do a movie with Abhay Deol and my gang. […]

  • 5 Bollywood Actresses Who Look Good in Sarees

    1. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan The Bachchan family bahu may look 35+ in western outfits and Cannes misfits but she’s one hot Bollywood chic when she’s sporting a sensuous saree. The Indian traditional dress fits just about perfect on the lady.

  • Movie Review: I Hate Luv Storys

    Karan Johar , Imran Khan, Sonam ‘A’ Kapoor, the names themselves are big to lure the audience to watch the much anticipated movie of 2010- I Hate luv Storys, or IHLS. The movie is a so called love story between the protagonists, Jay (Imran Khan) and Simran (Sonam Kapoor) who meet while collectively working for […]

  • Paranormal Activity 2 Trailer

    The Paranormal Activity 2 trailer has surfaced on the web and no doubt it has gone viral in no time. Almost anyone who browses the web has seen or knows about Paranormal Activity. The movie made so much buzz all over the social media proving how it can compete with the conventional media. Anyways Paranormal [...]
  • Raavan: 5 Unexpected Endings, Not Spoilers!

    Mani Ratman’s Raavan is releasing this Friday. While we all know the way it ends for the historical Raavana, we might have a slight idea how Raavan, the movie, might end. However we’ll take a look at some unexpected stuff today and hope the movie doesn’t end this way. Here are 5 unexpected endings for […]

  • Movie Review – Rajneeti

    I am not the authority on movie reviews around here. It’s just that lately I have been teased for being able to watch special preview shows of new Bollywood releases thanks to my so called contacts in the media industry and not posting any quick reviews. It appears that not everyone share my taste in […]

  • Transformers 3 – Victoria’s Secret

    Sorry guys but you’re gonna have to deal with it. Megan Fox won’t run around explosions in Transformers 3. She is officially out of the Transformers franchise. Michael Bay seems to be in the process of hiring a popular Victoria’s Secret model for the role Megan was paid big bucks for. In the mean time […]