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  • Republic of Chicken

    Being a true Punjabi and a true chicken lover (these two things always go together) I’ve had a tough time finding good quality chicken in and around Delhi ever since I moved here. Both cooked and raw chicken and it’s products aren’t just worth it unless you’re eating from a well known place. You can’t […]

  • More Than Paranthas

    It was my first time at More Than Paranthas. A lot of people at college recommended the place. So me and my roomie Ankur decided to check it out. We went for dinner so we missed those great combo meal deals they have for lunch. The place is decent. We ordered Chicken Tikka Paranthas and […]

  • Hell on Earth: Riding an Auto-rickshaw!

    While at Delhi I had the opinion that it was the auto-rikshaws there which were like little monsters on three wheels. And then I moved to Faridabad and my opinion crashed like a typical Microsoft Operating system does. A ride on one of these auto-rikshaws in Faridabad is a ride through hell. If you think […]

  • Independence Day!

    What is the best way to celebrate Independence Day? Get out and taste the real India! In my case it was more of a necessity. The day started with me and Ankur (my roomie) waking up late in the morning. We realized we had slept for 12 hours and that was enough. We left for […]

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    PVR Cinemas at Centra Mall Chandigarh

    I finally tried out the newly opened PVR Cinemas at Centra Mall Chandigarh also known as PVR Centra. I went for the first day first show of Sex And the City. The mall is yet to begin with full operations. As of now only PVR Cinemas has opened it’s doors. Everyone and even the newspapers […]

  • Barista LavAzza

    I hate these so called Coffee joints. They are all part of a huge scam. The coffee isn’t worth the money they charge. The Barista LavAzza outlet at Sector 35 is the worst. I have never liked the coffee there. It tastes like crap! Cafe Coffee Day is just around the corner and they have […]

  • Shopping at Sector 17, Chandigarh!

    It’s called the Sales and Discounts season here. A lot of people shop during this season. I normally go shopping when I run out of clothes. The flashy discounts have a blinding effect. Sales and discounts are a scam people! A lot of people, and when I say a lot of people I really mean […]

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    PVR at Centra Mall Chandigarh

    PVR Cinemas has finally landed in Chandigarh! PVR is located at Uppal’s Centra Mall in Industrial Area, Chandigarh. They have started started operations from today. They have four auditoriums. Currently they are showing three movies to begin with. The last time I checked out the Centra Mall it looked like it was just about ready. […]

  • DT Cinemas at Chandigarh

    It feels go good to be back in Chandigarh! Especially after such a long torturous examination period. So we decided to get started with the much awaited and much delayed vacations with trying out a new multiplex in town. DT Cinemas is located at the newly opened DLF City Center Mall right next to the […]

  • Review: Pind Balluchi at Metro Walk Mall Rohini

    This was my first time at Pind Balluchi. The ambience was great. I really wanted to try their butter chicken. I haven’t really found good enough places that serve good butter chicken here in Delhi. I was really hoping these guys would please me with something authentic. Their version of the butter chicken was not […]