The Jan Shatabdi Experience

jan shatabdi new delhi chandigarh

I have had prior experience of travelling in the Chandigarh-New Delhi Jan Shatabdi Express train. Both the times the train was more than two hours behind schedule. It is not a big deal for the Indian Railways but for a 4-5 hour journey even a delay of half an hour makes a difference, to the passengers of course and not the Railways. I prefer the Kalka-New Delhi Shatabdi Express which has been by far the most comfortable experience while travelling from New Delhi to Chandigarh and vice versa. It’s the next best thing to travelling in your own car. Taking the aerial route isn’t always a good choice except for when you’ve got to get there quick because of both cost as well as the location of the airport (and mostly it’s present state). So Jan Shatabdi is like super ultra cheap mode to travel from New Delhi to Chandigarh. A seat in the second sitting class costs Rs. 107 which is even cheaper than a bus ride for the same trip. Apart from the cost things aren’t on the greener side for obvious reasons.
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New Delhi-Kalka Shatabdi Express

The very first time I boarded a train, it was the Chandigarh-Kalka Shatabdi Express to New Delhi, I thought Indian Railways is so awesome. Of course it gave me the wrong impression. I loved the three hour ride to the capital city filled with the munchies that were served on the journey. Even the passengers back then were quite polite and kept silent most of the times. The food that they used to serve was of excellent quality, the coaches the very clean, the seats were comfortable.

new delhi kalka shatabdi express train photo
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Attending WordCamp India in Delhi

attend wordcamp india schedule venue register WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything related to WordPress. India’s first ever WordCamp is happening right here in Delhi on 21-22 February 2009. The conference is being organized by Delhi Bloggers Bloc and Blog Design Studio. Currently the conference is in the planning phase. Matt Mullenweg, the WordPress creator, is coming all the way from US to attend the WordCamp here in Delhi. There’s also a surprise guest as mentioned by the organizers on Twitter recently.

In case you’re interested in volunteering for the event or delivering a presentation/keynote on WordPress, kindly get in touch with the concerned people;

Mayank Gupta – +91-9910786431, me (at)
Twilight Fairy – +91-9811511719, twilightfairy at gmail dot com

It’s a must for every WordPress enthusiast. I’m gonna make sure I don’t miss this event! If you’re in and around Delhi NCR and you’d also like to attend the event, please do get in touch (use the comments area below).

Republic of Chicken

review republic of chicken delhi

Being a true Punjabi and a true chicken lover (these two things always go together) I’ve had a tough time finding good quality chicken in and around Delhi ever since I moved here. Both cooked and raw chicken and it’s products aren’t just worth it unless you’re eating from a well known place. You can’t always find a perfect partner to go to that popular place for chicken around Delhi so what do you do when you’re stuck alone and crave for a good Chicken?

Earlier I had been relying on the local butcher shop for raw chicken. The chicken he sends out is all fake. It tastes like rubber. Chicken must be juicy and tender for that delicious experience. Recently I checked out the newly opened Republic of Chicken outlet at Alaknanda. The best part is that it’s not too far away from the place where I live and they offer home delivery too which is fantastic.
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More Than Paranthas

more than paranthas at crown plaza faridabad

It was my first time at More Than Paranthas. A lot of people at college recommended the place. So me and my roomie Ankur decided to check it out. We went for dinner so we missed those great combo meal deals they have for lunch. The place is decent. We ordered Chicken Tikka Paranthas and Murg Methi Malai. The paranthas were totally worth the money. The chicken was too creamy to our expectations. The service is great there. On the whole, a great place if you’re terribly hungry. Don’t miss out their combo meal deals during lunch!