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  • Finally connected!

    After a really hectic trip back to Faridabad nothing could be more relaxing than finally getting an Airtel broadband connection installed. It took us 15 days to get the ADSL connection. Airtel Broadband in Faridabad isn’t anywhere near the standards they set up in the Delhi region. Anyways I don’t give a damn now. All […]

  • Tata Indicom WiMAX in Chandigarh!

    After WiFi failed to live up to it’s expectations it’s time Chandigarh gets a slice of the WiMAX party. Tata Indicom is the first company to launch WiMAX broadband internet access in the city. WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is based on the IEEE 802.16 standard which is also popularly known as WirelessMAN. WiMAX […]

  • Airtel Broadband in Faridabad

    Airtel Broadband sucks in Faridabad. At least the installation part does. We called up one of their representatives last week and the dude did the registration part quick. He took the initial amount we needed to pay and promised he would get the dsl connection installed in two days. It has been almost a week […]

  • BSNL Dataone Speed Explosion!

    The folks at BSNL Dataone have been kind enough to change my tariff plan from Home 250 to 750 Plus Unlimited for this month. Somehow I feel they’re still screwing me up somewhere. They have changed my plan as I can see that on the Dataone user account panel. The speed as per my plan […]

  • Hell on Earth: Changing BSNL Dataone Plan!

    BSNL Dataone is God’s way of punishing you for your sins. I still remember how I got my broadband connection installed. It took me a week long of frequent visits, requests and clarifications. I begged them for a broadband connection! Not that I am a huge fan but they were and they still are the […]

  • Airtel Broadband: Speed Explosion!

    I’ve been experiencing some really awesome speeds at home for the past few hours. I’ve touched a maximum of 50kB/s which is like really really awesome considering I’m on a 256kbps line. I hope this continues for long enough. Oh! But then I need to go visit Nehru Place all over again for a bigger […]

  • Here’s broadband for Grandpa from BSNL!

    BSNL Dataone has recently introduced a shiny brand new plan for the senior citizens. Not that they admit but it’s seriously a plan for your grand parents. The plan features Internet speeds of up to 2mbps at only Rs.125 per month. The minimum hire period is around three months. Here is the catch. There’s is […]