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  • 5 Reasons Why Apple’s Next iPhone Is Going To Be Huge For Developers

      The next iPhone is just around the corner. Market speculations point towards a September 9th announcement. Apple’s new iPhone, likely to be titled iPhone 6, will be this year’s biggest smartphone launch for a number of reasons. For developers, it brings a whole new package of opportunities. Apple pretty much defines the smartphone market […]

  • Microsoft’s Next Desktop Operating System Release Will Undo Windows 8 Mistakes

      Microsoft is reportedly planning on going back to the basics with its next major desktop operating system release. Windows 8 should have been the biggest learning lesson for the software giant. The next release of Windows is currently scheduled to arrive for general consumers by spring 2015. Codenamed Windows “Threshold”, the OS might just […]

  • How The Football World Cup 2014 Made Its Impact On Major Social Media Platforms

      Social media usage has exploded over the last couple of years. From being a desktop-only luxury to a mobile-powered highly addictive segment of the world wide web, social media has come a long way. Social media refers to the platform of social apps and services that connect users across multiple platforms. The growth has […]

  • How Amazon Is Enticing Developers To Create Apps For The Fire Phone?

      Amazon introduced its much talked about smartphone — Fire phone — this month. Till the launch, the company’s primary business model of selling most of its hardware products has been to sell at a lower margin, hope for massive sales, and make more money off content and services than the device itself. With the […]

  • How Facebook’s Social Experiment Manipulated Online User Behavior

      A new study conducted by Facebook is throwing all sorts of mixed reactions at the world’s largest social media company. A majority of those are, however, on the negative side. Apparently, Facebook decided to manipulate the emotions of its own users for a research. Without gaining any sort of consent from its users, Facebook […]

  • Microsoft To Acquire SyntaxTree To Strengthen Visual Studio For Developers

      Microsoft is acquiring SyntaxTree, a popular Visual Studio plug-in that is used to debug games running on the Unity game engine. The move is largely expected to please more game developers. The acquisition will ensure that the plugin, UnityVS, will become an integral part of Microsoft Visual Studio. The company’s corporate vice president of […]

  • E-Mail Platform Inbox Launches, Looks To Create New E-mail Standard

      A group of ex-Dropbox and MIT alums have launched Inbox, titled the next-generation e-mail platform. The startup has been in stealth mode for quite a while now. Inbox will empower e-mail app developers with a new set of APIs that will help them build better e-mail apps with access to users’ inboxes. Google had […]

  • Analytics Startup DataHero Chooses To Go With The Freemium Model

      Analytics company DataHero’s business has picked up in the recent past. The company is now looking at opening up its cloud based services to build a business intelligence layer over SaaS. The company is now looking to adopt a freemium model. DataHero launched in 2012 with a vision of enabling business users to access, […]

  • The Creator Of Siri Now Makes A Virtual Assistant For The Enterprise Sector

      SRI International, the creators of virtual assistant Siri, have launched a new virtual assistant for businesses. Titled, Kasisto, the enterprise virtual assistant will bring a more customized solution to business users. The company is looking to improve the consumer experience even further using intelligent conversations. The company had earlier introduced Siri, which Apple now […]

  • Samsung Pay Will Have A Slight Advantage Over Apple Pay Initially

    Samsung Pay Will Have A Slight Advantage Over Apple Pay Initially Samsung today finally revealed its upcoming payments app, along with its new flagship devices Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. As we reported earlier, Samsung’s payments app — Samsung Pay — will mirror Apple Pay in terms of functionality and user experience. While both Apple […]