3 Idiots Promo is out!

Now that the promo for the Aamir Khan starrer 3 Idiots is finally out, I expect Aamir to pull out some more stunts from his pocket and throw it at the public. The recent Facebook ‘Pucca Idiot’ may not have gone too far but you never know when it’s Aamir Khan. I don’t care if you start smoking again Aamir or call another actor an animal, I want this one to be worth the multiplex moolah.

The promo looks slick even though it lacks the Munnabhai touch to it but then Aamir is not another Munnabhai and 3 Idiots is the most anticipated film of the year. The film hits theaters worldwide on December 25. That’s a lot of time. For now I’ll keep an ear on the soundtrack release.

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