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A photograph speaks louder than words. Photographs capture memories in the most beautiful way. I still remember the times when we had analog cameras, the ones where one would insert an actual camera roll and manually slide it using a button on the camera. Considering the age of digital cameras now, it’s was entirely fun but when the photos came back from the photo shop, it was a rewarding experience.

Things have only improved with more new digital cameras and advanced software techniques to improve photographs. No matter how complex these things get, the basic concept at the heart of photography is still the same – to capture beautiful moments and keep them with you forever. Photography is also about sharing some of your best work with your friends, loved ones and even the rest of the world.

Most professional or even casual photographers would choose to go with Flickr as their first choice. I wouldn’t differ much given the array of features and services Flickr offers. But what if there was another awesome tool which you could use to spread your Flickr photos even further? What if you didn’t have to upload all over your photos again?

We at Live On Campus work very hard to create great tools which you can use to showcase your talent to a global audience. Our global platform is available throughout 50+ countries on web, iPad and iPhone devices. Simply sign in using your Facebook account and you’ll be able to create your own ‘wire’. A wire is simply your own space on the web where you can add anything you love, say for example, your best photographs on Flickr. Using our simple install-once-and-forget bookmarklet, you can easily tag all your photos on Flickr to your wire.

365 days of love - live on campus

To give you a better example, take a look at this wire – 365 Days of Love. Nikki & Barry decided to take on a 365 days project on Flickr where they posted a photo of each other every single day of the year. If you browse their wire, it comprises of some of their best photos captured over the year, feel free to scroll to the right for more photos. Your wire is available on iPad and iPhone devices and it’s synced automagically!

So what are you waiting for? Get started right away, click here!

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