WWDC 2012 – What I Expect

wwdc 2012

It’s now less than 24 hours away. Apple’s developer conference WWDC is expected to reveal the next iOS (iOS 6), OS X Mountain Lion, brand new Macbooks, iCloud updates and may be even a surprise or two. This is certainly not the time to dig up rumors.

[quote_left]iOS 6, new Macbooks, Mountain Lion and more – it’s going to be a delicious event![/quote_left]WWDC 2012 is going to be a significant event that will lay down the foundation for October, when Apple is expected to launch its revolutionary mobile device – the next iPhone (no, I’m not going to call it the iPhone 5). This doesn’t mean that the Macbooks, possible Apple TV upgrades and iCloud are of any less important, it’s just that I am so eagerly waiting for the next iPhone.

So much so that I am secretly hoping Apple announces the next iPhone right here at WWDC, says we’re going to blow up the screen-size and allow developers to work on their apps in the meantime and actually bring the device to market as late as September or October. Crazy, crazy fantasy.

Anyways here’s a list of things I am going to look out for tomorrow as WWDC 2012 begins:

– iOS 6

ios 6

Android fanboys have already begun burning cars (imagination) while claiming that the next iOS would carry multiple features cherry-picked from Google’s Android mobile operating system. For one, I’d certainly like them to improve the notification system. Even if it has to come down to adopting the Android notification system.

There isn’t much out yet on what iOS 6 may exactly carry but deeper Facebook integration is almost confirmed. Expect Like buttons everywhere. Apple is also ditching Google Maps for their own maps based service. Analysts believe that the new maps app is all set to blow our minds away.

– OS X Mountain Lion

Early versions of Mountain Lion have been available to developers for some time now. It doesn’t seem like groundbreaking, but then it isn’t the final product. Apple is expected to wow its user and developers. Mountain Lion takes some of its features from iOS such as Notification Center, Game Center and even AirPlay mirroring.

– Brand New Macs

The rumors for a refreshed line of Macbooks have been floating around for quite some time now. These Macbooks are expected to include a high resolution display called Retina Display, the same display Apple uses on the iPhone and now the new iPad.

I bought a new Macbook Pro last month while knowing a higher resolution Macbook might be in production as I hit the Pay Now button on eBay India. But Apple’s charm is like the ring in the Lord of the Rings – I couldn’t keep myself for using up all cash I had saved up.

The new Macbooks are expected to be lighter, thinner and of course include the Retina Display technology. This is going to blur the line between Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro. It’ll be interesting to see how Apple tackles that while not jumping into the well of adding an extra line of products, something considered very non-Apple like.

Stay Tuned!

This is certainly the most exciting time for Apple. The next edition of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is expected to be announced soon while Android is eating up more market share around the globe (even with so much fragmentation). Tomorrow’s keynote is going to be one…well certainly worth waiting for.

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