The Creator Of Siri Now Makes A Virtual Assistant For The Enterprise Sector


SRI International, the creators of virtual assistant Siri, have launched a new virtual assistant for businesses. Titled, Kasisto, the enterprise virtual assistant will bring a more customized solution to business users. The company is looking to improve the consumer experience even further using intelligent conversations.

The company had earlier introduced Siri, which Apple now uses on its mobile platform iOS. SRI International said in an official statement, “Kasisto takes mobile conversation to the next level, enabling consumers to perform complex tasks, which often require domain knowledge and human interaction, on a mobile device.”

Kasisto will be powered by a conversation based artificial intelligence platform that will empower enterprises to quickly integrate branded conversations in a cost-effective manner. The vice president of SRI Ventures said in an official statement, “Virtual personal assistant technology has revolutionized consumer interaction with mobile devices. Now consumers can expect a more human-like experience when interacting online. Kasisto represents a new user experience—one that is context aware, personalized, and more effective.”

The company has also found customers in the financial industry. Kasisto is a result of decades of research and development, collaboration with BBVA, a global financial services group. BBVA is a strategic partner on Kasisto, with SRI International. It will help bring deeper knowledge of the banking industry into the product.

The enterprise virtual assistant will be revealed today at the FinTech Innovation Lab Demo Day in New York city. The even is an annual affair where six early and growth-stage companies that are developing technology based products for the financial services industry will show off their work.

Kasisto will allow enterprises to add intelligent virtual assistant capabilities to their mobile apps much quickly as compared to any other decent alternatives. It’ll be interesting to see how Kasisto gets absorbed in the enterprise sector. Moreover if any of the major mobile platforms is serious about enterprise, they might be interested in picking it up for their own enterprise programs.


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