Study: Indians Are Hooked To Social Networking

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Indians love social networking! As per a study by comScore, a leader in digital world analytics, Indians spend 1 in 4 online minutes on various social networking sites. Social networking consumes 25.2% of all the time spent online in June 2012. Adios, productivity!

Facebook alone is a winner in the social media space in India. Indians spent nearly 4 hours on the site, on an average, in June. 2.5 hours were spent on Google sites where YouTube played a major part. The data doesn’t include access to sites from public computers such as internet cafes or even mobile phones. India is currently the third biggest country on Facebook in terms of number of users, right behind Brazil and United States.

india social networking statistics 2012

india social networking stats june 2012

While social networking has risen by 0.8% from last year, entertainment sites are next with 10% of time spent online, followed by portals at third by 8.8%. Interesting to note that the time spent on retail sites in India has grown by 0.5 points from last year. The numbers may not appear significant but you can blame government’s lack of interest in pushing broadband across the country.

The study indicates how social networks are growing in India and given how immersive the experience is, it only makes sense for almost all brands to market there. Annoying as it gets over a period of time it’s something no company wants to neglect now. With social media agencies mushrooming around every corner of the country, more and more brands make their way on the users’ newsfeed. The future, as they say, is ‘social’.

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