Sony Xperia Z

xperia z india

Sony just launched the Xperia Z in India. At a price of Rs. 38,990, it’s not really a bad deal for a high-end smartphone. The “dustproof, waterproof” keywords would be selling points amongst Indian buyers. What they need to realize is how crazy Sony gets when it comes to pushing updates. If the next Android release was scheduled for tomorrow, Sony Xperia Z will get updates when the smartphone has been dumped by its owner for a newer one. Yes, it’s that bad.

While I have to give it to Sony for keeping the price right, I still feel the recent move to increase the excise duty will hurt consumers. In what could have ideally been a happy-35k priced phone, it’s probably gone up to almost 39k because of the increased duty. Well that was my two second rant on the union budget this year.

More smartphones are headed our way this summer. The HTC One should arrive in India by April, Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming up, iPhone 5S rumors have begun and I’m still on the lookout for the next Nexus device. Stay tuned!

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