Smartphone or Superphone?

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While Google recently revealed it’s Nexus One smartphone and called it a ‘superphone’, there’s already an obvious healthy debate in the industry on whether it’s time to shift from the term smartphones to superphones. Google came up with a new jargon for phones, superphones, and tagged it with it’s Nexus One launch. Many enthusiasts believe Google simply coined the term for marketing purposes. But the question is a legitimate one, have smartphones really become so super?

It’ clear that today’s superphone is tomorrow’s smartphone. Let’s first define what we mean or what Google means by the term superphone. A smartphone with open-source software that is both powerful and highly efficient. That’s how Google could define it I suppose. In layman’s terms a superphone is simply a smartphone on steroids, or what I call a super smartphone. Alright enough! Haven’t these words already started giving you a headache?

For an official word, Google VP and Android founder Any Rubin spoke out during the Nexus One launch event about Google’s new term. Here’s what he said;

The definition of a superphone, the difference between superphone & smartphone…the evolution of the platform is such that the openness, coupled with these marketplaces and these app stores, that makes it really easy for people to download 3rd party content; an ecosystem by which 3rd party developers can participate in the ecosystem; the Ghz processors; the more memory; the gigabyte storage…. these are all things that didn’t exist 2 years ago. So we thought that the industry needed another term to refer to these innovations. And again, this is as powerful as your laptop was 4 years go. If anything, you’re carrying these around in your pocket, they’re with you all the time they’re always on… these are all new. So we wanted to refer to it by something and we think that superphone is the right way to refer to it.

Transcript from TechCrunch

In simple terms today’s smartphones or superphones are smarter and more powerful than their predecessors. The new phones will obviously be overtaken by their successors. That’s how the cycle goes. What remains to be seen is how Apple reacts to the whole superphone saga and how super will the next version of iPhone be? We’ll see!

For now do post your comments/thoughts on the entire issue. I’d love to hear what you feel about it.

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