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Group buying sites a.k.a Groupon clones in India are on the rise. These sites offer users with great deals almost on a daily basis. Over the past couple of months I’ve noticed two things common to almost all deal-addicts who use these websites – spam from these group buying sites and deals-overload.

Let’s look at each of these problems separately. Say there are ten websites that offer deals in India, chances are that if you’re into buying deals, you’ve subscribed to all of them. All of these send daily newsletters as they have brand new deals every single day. You didn’t dare press the unsubscribe button fearing you might lose that million dollar deal. So you decided to live with spam. Second, with so many deals popping up all over, there is an obvious deal-overload problem. Sometimes you end up missing a great deal since you forgot to go through the chunk of emails you received from those group buying sites.

Enter SmartDeals – a daily newsletter with handpicked deals. Simple as that! The whole idea is to let you enjoy the best deals without going through a whole folder filled with mails from different sites.

Why should people use SmartDeals?

Good question. You should sign up for SmartDeals if you’re sick of spam and if you want to be notified of some great deals around your city. What makes SmartDeals stand out is that all the deals are handpicked or in other words, the newsletter is curated and not produced by a dumb algorithm that simply indexes deals. So no, it’s not another Yipit clone. We look for deals on almost all group buying sites based in India.

The deal is simple – we send you one e-mail a day, loaded with only great deals that you can use and also, we clearly mention the terms and conditions (strings attached) to every deal to make your life simpler. Yes, we’re that awesome! Oh and yes, you can unsubscribe from our newsletter easily if you’re not satisfied.

How can anyone subscribe?

Simple. Head to our site here, fill out the simple form. Confirm your email address. Sit back and forget about everything else. As of now we’re only open to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. More cities to follow real soon (pinky promise).

Million dollar question. Is it free?

Nopes. You must ship us your credit card. Of course it’s free, that’s the whole point.

It kind of sucks as of now, will you improve it?

Of course. We will continuously work towards making it better and better for our users. There’s a lot planned out for SmartDeals and you shall see it on the site in the coming few weeks.


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