Secure your Facebook profile with Login Approvals

how to secure facebook profile

Facebook has finally rolled out it’s Login Approvals security feature for all users. The new feature would help users secure their profile from malicious users and prevent unauthorized access to user profiles. Login Approvals is a Two-Factor Authentication system that is similar to the ones used by various banks for online transactions. The system requires a user to enter a security code while logging in from a new device or a computer.

I feel every user must enable this feature to make their profiles more secure. Here’s how to do it:

1. Login to your Facebook account and go to Account Settings.

2. Scroll down to Account Security and click on the link that says ‘change’.

3. Scroll down further until you see a checkbox under Login Approvals. Enabling the checkbox will display a pop-up similar to the one below.

facebook secure profile

4. Click on next. If you don’t have a mobile phone associated with your account you’ll have to add one now.

facebook login approval screenshot

5. Once you’re done you’ll receive a notification that Login Approvals has been enabled on your profile.

To test out the new security feature, login from a computer or device which you haven’t used earlier. Or simply clear your cookies on your current browser and try to login to your Facebook account.

You will see a notification similar to the one below and a security code would be sent as a text message on your mobile phone.

facebook login approval screenshot 2

You can enter the security code and add the new device to your list of known machines.

This certainly adds a layer of extra security to Facebook profiles. Considering how serious Facebook is on it’s users embracing Credits, a feature such as this would be welcome by everyone. What are your views on the new security feature? Do share your views using the comments section below.

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