Nokia and Megapixels

nokia 808 pureview launch

If Nokia wanted to grab attention at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) this year, they should have blown themselves up or something. Instead they decided to blow some mega pixels up! Today Nokia announced their PureView flagship device, Nokia 808, which features a, wait for it, 41 megapixel camera. No that is not a typo.

Don’t start scratching your head and checking your bank balance yet. The 41MP camera isn’t really that much of a monster. The Nokia 808 PureView smartphone only gives out photos that are roughly around 5MP. Now you may scratch your head.

I owe you a little explanation. Let me tell you how the camera here works – it doesn’t produce an image with 41 million pixels. Instead the sensor would simply oversample the image data from seven neighboring pixels to produce an image into a pixel. Don’t be disheartened. Images produced by this camera would still be insanely crisp and would easily grab a lot of eyeballs.

nokia 808

Apart from the mega-mega camera, the new Nokia 808 runs on a single core 1.3GHz processor. It has a RAM of 512MB along with an internal storage of 16GB. What is interesting to mention here is that the phone would be running on Symbian (Belle). Not sure if WP7 was even considered as an option here. It also includes NFC and DLNA support.

It would be interesting to see when the phone hits the market. I can bet Samsung and LG are already looking back at their R&D guys and sending them specifications of the Nokia 808. It’s more of a numbers game for players like Samsung (remember how they marketed SGS2’s specs v/s the iPhone 4?). Nokia on the other hand has kicked off it’s PureView range of phones and I’m really interested to see what’ll be next. One thing is for sure, Nokia knows their cameras that go into their phones.

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