Microsoft’s Next Desktop Operating System Release Will Undo Windows 8 Mistakes


Microsoft is reportedly planning on going back to the basics with its next major desktop operating system release. Windows 8 should have been the biggest learning lesson for the software giant. The next release of Windows is currently scheduled to arrive for general consumers by spring 2015.

Codenamed Windows “Threshold”, the OS might just be labelled Windows 9 when it launches. The Microsoft Operating Systems Group is currently hard at work, trying to make a big attempt to bring back loyal Windows users to the desktop.

Several rumors have started floated around that point towards a more desktop based approach for the next OS release. A lot of new features are being carved out that will help desktop users gain more control, and improve the overall user experience for Windows users.

That’s interesting, since Microsoft gave birth to a whole new user interface with Windows 8 that focussed more on a touch and keyboard based control. Will Windows 9 roll back to a more traditional desktop user interface? It sure looks that way. It’ll be interesting to see how the company justifies it. We might just see two different versions of the OS — touch based and non-touch based — just to please most users.

Windows 9 is expected to look and feel different, according to recent reports. Hybrid devices are likely to support both desktop and Metro designed interfaces, while simple desktops will fall back to a more desktop-friendlier user interface. However the mobile edition of Windows 9 is unlikely to come with a desktop environment for obvious reasons.

This means Microsoft is undoing a lot of UI and UX mistakes it committed with the Windows 8, when it first launched. A lot of product basics will also be done right, for desktop. This primarily translates into better support for devices that carry the conventional keyboard and mouse combination for input. Non-touch friendly devices are likely to experience a much better interface with Windows 9.

Now that Windows “Threshold” is slated for a spring 2015 release, there’s not much room for multiple Windows 8 or Windows 7 service pack and other updates. There’s one crucial update for Windows 8.1 that’s still pending, we should expect it later this summer.

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