Microsoft To Acquire SyntaxTree To Strengthen Visual Studio For Developers


Microsoft is acquiring SyntaxTree, a popular Visual Studio plug-in that is used to debug games running on the Unity game engine. The move is largely expected to please more game developers. The acquisition will ensure that the plugin, UnityVS, will become an integral part of Microsoft Visual Studio.

The company’s corporate vice president of developer division, S. Somasegar, said, “UnityVS enables Unity developers to take advantage of the productivity of Visual Studio to author, browse, and debug the code for their Unity application.”

He further added, “Already today, dozens of the biggest names in game development rely on Visual Studio and the UnityVS plugin.” Microsoft announced its plans to acquire the company on a blog post, while SyntaxTree confirmed it on their website. Neither of the companies have currently shared the financials related to the deal.

SyntaxTree said on its website, confirming the deal, “We cannot express strongly enough our appreciation of the support and encouragement we’ve received from the Unity gam e development community in the years leading to this milestone for our company. Thank you very, very much for your involvement.”

Currently, Unity is a highly popular cross-platform game engine capable of rendering 2D and 3D environments on the screen, apart from offering workflow management capabilities when it comes to complex game development. The plugin from SyntaxTree will offer the ability to debut Unity code right inside Visual Studio.

According to Microsoft, as of now there are around 2 million developers who are using Unity. Developers also use Unity to create three-dimensional walkthroughs apart from complex games. Unity also lets developers port their games to existing Microsoft platforms on the desktop and smartphones.

SyntaxTree claims it will get in touch with existing users in helping them with the transition, and more details on what the deal means for the plugin. Integration is likely to get a whole lot better for obvious reasons. Plenty of reasons for game developers to rejoice.


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