Microsoft buys Skype. Now what?

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Unless you’re living inside a cave (or a large luxury compound) you must be aware of the news that Microsoft has bought Skype. The deal which went through today would cost Microsoft $8.5 billion. The official announcement is expected very soon though. Apparently the all cash deal is the largest in the history of Microsoft. Facebook and Google were also deeply interested in buying Skype. Microsoft seems to have walked away with the booty and it does sound like a great deal, although it may be too pricey. However Facebook will still get to dip it’s beak into Skype as Microsoft is an investor and a friendly one too.

If we look at what Microsoft could do with Skype, there are plenty of good things to come. Apart from everything else, I’m really interested to see a Skype and Kinect mashup. That would be something really cool. Apart from that Microsoft can really think of kicking some butt using Skype when it comes to competing with Google Voice and Apple’s Facetime.

As for me, I’m expecting frequent updates and security patches for Skype, deeper integration with Microsoft Windows operating system and enterprise level products integration. Another point everyone is still discussing is the price tag, it does seem a bit too much but Microsoft has set it’s eyes on something huge here and let’s see how they can make the most of it. As for Skype’s employees, I wonder how many of them quit tonight.

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    1. Or they might as well have killed it. Google has Voice and they can spend half the money Microsoft spent on buying Skype on improving Voice infrastructure.

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