Is Your Wife iPhone 5 Thin?

iphone 5

[quote_left]Women may have invented size-zero for glamour but Apple’s next generation iPhone is all set to change the rules of the game.[/quote_left]The sixth generation iPhone 5 might give it’s predecessor a run for its money. While you can expect the iPhone 4 to go all am-I-getting-too-fat-honey in the third quarter this year, when the iPhone 5 launches, you might wanna train those fingers of yours to hold on to a hair-thin smartphone.

With an all new design that will almost melt in your hands (no cheese), the next generation iPhone will may be so amazing that we may be left with our mouths open. Before you head to the comments section to call me a big-assed Apple fanboy, let me make my case clear.

Rumors are in that Apple may be going ahead with a liquid metal design for the iPhone 5. Just like you, even I don’t know what that means. What I know is that it sounds delicious. Liquid metal? Reminds me of Terminator 2. Will the iPhone 5 melt and then regain its shape and become a phone all over again? We’ll leave that to our little fantasy world.

What is certain here is that a redesign would never mean adding more meat to the phone. So a thinner, lighter phone means a more good looking device to show off. Yes, that’s what we all do with our smartphones especially if it’s an iPhone. From ‘if you don’t have an iPhone, blah blah’ line to ‘if your wife is thinner than this phone, blah blah’. Expect cheesy lines in the third quarter.

eg. Is your wife iPhone 5 thin?

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