5 Reasons Why Apple Won’t Launch iPhone 4S in India

iphone 4s india

As you’re all probably aware of the fact that Apple recently announced the next iPhone titled the iPhone 4S. The new iPhone is available for pre-order now in select countries. Apple also mentioned that a bunch of other countries would also receive the iPhone 4S very soon and then by the end of this year 70+ countries would get to taste Apple’s most amazing iPhone yet.

So why don’t we Indians get to have the iPhone 4S the same time our American relatives get to flaunt it? Apart from logical reasons, I’ve come up with my own list of five obvious ones.

1. Siri won’t understand the funny Indian accent

Siri is a trademark feature in the brand new iPhone 4S. It’s a virtual assistant that, unlike your wife, would follow all your commands and will make a great companion for the nights when you’re made to sleep on the couch. The only obvious problem here is no matter how much intelligence they could stuff in Siri’s arse, they just couldn’t make it Indian-accent-friendly. So if you spend $400 on a phone and that son of gun fails to understand your crazy voice commands, you’re going to get seriously pissed at it. Think about it.

For example: Indian to Siri: “Sirri, maike an appointmenta with my bossss”. A total failure indeed.

2. iCloud – Indians don’t get the cloud

Now when it comes to the cloud, we Indians aren’t really quite clear with the concept. Some of us really think the Monsoon could mess it up badly. Of course it’s ridiculous but we’re going to crack open Apple’s support staff brains with questions like, ‘why should I pay for storage when I have a 64GB memory?’ Get it? If this isn’t enough, you might also get to hear complaints like, ‘the cloud has messed up my files, it’s not playing any music in my car’s stereo’.

3. The Cards App

An interesting app that Apple showcased at the launch event was the Cards app. It’s quite simple – you customize a card with a picture, message and some hanky panky designs and then Apple takes a print out and actually mails it to the person you want to send it to. For now it would only work for the US residents. All this for just $2.99. What? We Indians are cheap. $2.99 would translate to Rs. 150 approximately. We love our relatives in the US and would love to send them beautifully designed cards but that’s too much. How about just a simple e-card? Sorry, we’ll pass.

4. The iPhone 4 looks

Imagine selling an Indian an iPhone 4S with an iPhone 4 lying right next to it. ‘Sir, could you tell me the difference between the two’, is going to be the most asked question ever. An Indian would never except the ‘it’s all new inside’ shitty reply. If it’s so new inside, why did you have to play cheap on us and not change the design. How are my relatives going to find out that I bought an iPhone 4S. They’re going to think it’s the same old iPhone 4 only. Such dumbass!

5. The Price

There’s no official word on the unlocked edition of the iPhone 4S yet. Chances are that it’s going to cost exactly what the iPhone 4 did when it eventually hits the market. Now with the iPhone 4 expected to take a price cut soon, why go for the twin big brother that’s not even labeled ‘iPhone 5’? The typical Indian mindset is just not going to find any sort of satisfaction in paying the full price for an iPhone 4S. Not yet.

Disclaimer: I’m not being a racist here. Heck, I’m an Indian myself. This is not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, it’s just written on a lighter note. Yes, I am cheap so I’m going to keep this under three sentences.

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  1. Is this some kind of joke, or what. I agree with your all your points. They apply to most of Indians.
    But my friend it doesn’t hold good for even 10% people you’ll find hanging around the iStore, they know very well what’s in there inside each and every devise lying on the dock, we are waiting so eagerly for the 4S to be launched here and will grab them the day it comes

    1. It *is* a joke, Amit. Please read the article carefully or do you want me to insert tags or may be the disclaimer should go in all caps?

      1. I really like your post. In fact it really applies to most of the Indians (may not be to everyone). But may be your disclaimer wont work , Its just like slapping some one and adding *disclaimer* to your act 😀

  2. My friend …Just for your kind information…more than 70% of software products built in the world is developed by Indian or Indian origin people so please don’t mess with Indians in terms of  High tech software products..your Ideas presented here even does not match with 1st grade Indian student !

  3. dude..get a life…….u people dont have any clue ..what indians are ….
    americans buy contract n get phone for 200 $….n indian ..especially punjabi’s pay 50000 rs ..or 1000 $..for same thing …..just for …show off…
    come to chandigarh …n if u sell tyres of any car probably u can buy a 2002 ford focus there in ur america ….
    we make technology ..n u use .it …say thanks to us …we are the one ..who will rule the world ..
    before commenting about india ..see ur economy … u bankrupted people …
    a child has to work ..day n night when he is in grade 12 .to support living …bcoz ..parents are all bankrupted…..
    in india …we have so much of money that ..parents can feed their child atleast till they die ..
    you buy a mansion for 600000 usd … we buy a 2 bhk flat for same in delhi …
    DONT DARE TO COMPARE ..u r no where near to us ..
    ————————–from a PROUD INDIAN 

    1. Let’s hope Siri can make you type better, with a little sense of grammar. If you are so patriotic, what are you doing looking at Apple’s products? Buy a stupid microtek phone. Oh, and get a sense of humor.

  4. its gonna be a just a matter of couple of months..whn i’ll be surfin this same article on my Iphone 4S frm India..n i’ll ask siri to comment LOL on dis article..!! :P..

  5. this is one of the most biased article that i have ever read…..the reasons are totally shallow and for the majority of the part you are slinging mud on Indians and for the record the iphone finds its way into a premium user base in India who are well educated…… 

  6. Wow. Did someone post a link to this article on Rediff dot com or something? Lame group of commentors you got man. But hilarious stuff.

  7. Though its a fun read, this write up is factually incorrect. These features are that of the iOS5 and not exclusive to the iPhone 4s. Thus, everyone in India who has an iOS5 compatible product will get this update. Further, the price of the unlocked Iphone 4s is $649.

  8. First apple fools around selling there products at exorbitant prices in india every year and then the blame comes on indian mentality F**K OFF!!!

  9. Funny as it may be.. but it seems u don’t know what’s in iOS5 and what’s in iPhone 4S, and what’s not in both (*cough* u have to “buy” cards app.. no one’s putting it on ur phone forcibly *cough*).. The correct title of this post should be “Why iPhone 4s won’t sell in India”.. none of these points have anything to do with launch of iPhone 4s..

    1. *cough* It won’t sell, therefore they won’t launch. *cough* I hope you get the idea.

      BTW pass on some cough syrup, will you?

      1. Buddy.. I dunno if u can buy it.. but i know a bunch of people who have iPhone 4 and are gonna get 4S.. whether they launch it in India or not.. including me..

        So, I don’t see a reason why it won’t sell.. especially when it has such brilliant features..

        1. Piyush, I’m not questioning if it’ll sell or not. The above is a piece of satire. Why is it so hard for people to ‘get it’?

  10. If  I had the money, I’d definitely buy it 😉
    btw 40k is not easy to get for a 15 year old!

    Moreover, not everyone speaks like that, only the big south indian pot bellies 😛 The north indians will be able to make use of Siri. I agree with you, seeing the typical indian mentality for showing off to relatives and worrying about people not seeing that they have the 40k 4S, and not the (soon to be) 20k iPhone 4. And about the cloud, lol! Yes, we indians are like that sometimes, atleast the ones who are 40years+! 😀

    The oldies dont get the new technological mumbo-jumbo.

    My birthday is coming up, so I just hope it releases by then 🙂

    1. I am south Indian and i don’t understand your point that  only north Indians can make use of Siri.. There is a huge population of people who can speak English pretty well (which Siri can recognise).. after reading your comment i felt like north Indians are made up of western sperm and Indian ovum.. LOL…

      1. North Indians arent’ really the best people with an accent, David. The above equally applies to all parts of India. Heck, even a neutral Indian accent would be hard for Siri.

  11. The 4S isn’t set to launch this year in India and it will probably never be launched here. Your article makes sense.

    And yes, unless it looks different, why would most Indians buy it? The general attitude here is “if you have it then flaunt it”. But the 4S looks exactly like the 4 so that sort of makes the flaunting difficult.

    As for Siri, on a more serious note, it is currently at its best only in the US. It can’t look up maps, etc. for the UK yet. So I wonder what it’ll do for us Indians. First the accent and then an international limitation on its abilities.

    1. As Apple declared, iPhone 4S will be available in all the countries it is currently selling the iPhones today  by December. Secondly India being the second biggest consumers of mobile phones, I believe hardly anyone(in percentage terms) has bought the iPhones yet. Siri is in Beta and will come up with Indian accent support eventually. The big problem with India is not with iPhone launching in India, but the infrastructure to support it. Can the current 3G services in India support the iCloud and the other services with need high data usage and consistent connection. Its not iPhone or in that matter any smart phone, but the Indian infrastructure that needs to be upgraded. And ultimately Apple believes in user experience, so if the user experience is spoiled, Apple won’t like that. The problem is people in India always look at it as an status issue.

    1. iphone 4s 16 gb – unlocked price would be US$ 649(excluding tax) . so india price would be 34500/- (including tax) .. same as iphone 4 ….

  12. Look at India with different approach now  – its fast developing & people are professional , dedicated  and determined now  – world is changing and so Life in India .

  13.        Who told you Siri! Don’t work in India due to funny Indian  accent. Mr.Harry what out what you say. Lot of Indian speak very good English. Many countries don’t ever say better than Indians.
            People don’t understand concept of i-cloud. Buddy, you need to really see the world. 
            One of the biggest reason is Network of  3G , 4G and Wi-Fi availability. now they are many service providers providing internet service not much 3G. 4G concept take time to establish in India. 
            Don’t think you smart ass. Screw you man..  

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