I’m an iPhone!

iPhone 4

It all started with an iPod Touch. It was an instant love at first tap. Little did I realize I was getting sucked into the Apple trap. Every Apple product that you use or buy sucks you in to the Apple ecosystem. For some it’s a quick reaction where the end result is – you get everything Apple.

For me it was a bit slow to begin with. Of course that’s because I couldn’t afford anything more than an iPod Touch. So ultimately when I had enough moolah, I got myself an Apple Macbook Pro. It made all the sense in the world, I needed a break from the 5-year old Lenovo I’d been using. I didn’t even need to sell a kidney on eBay for this.

Last week I got myself an Apple iPhone 4. I was a happy Nexus S user for almost an year now. The shift from Android to iOS was always coming, I knew it. Why not wait for the next iPhone, you say? Well, I have a very weird buying sense. Mostly irrational but I like it.

PS: This also breaks my stupid challenge.

Edit: I replaced my iPhone 4 with a brand new iPhone 4S. An irrational decision but hey, one life.

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  1. Despite having two Macs and a iPod Touch, the iPhone is something I absolutely don’t see myself buying. Lack of multitasking turns me off. And of course, the closed wall approach.

    The iPad is a different thing. For couch surfing, you don’t need a multitasking mammoth. I had visited the store to buy a iPad, yesterday. But the 10-inch was too big and heavy for me. So came home with a Galaxy Tab šŸ™‚

    • Closed wall, right, but things are much greener this side of the wall. This comes from a potential Apple fanboy.

      I’ve had the TouchPad with me for quite some time and I haven’t really felt the need for a tablet apart from the time when I’m too lazy to open up the laptop. Of course the iPad will complete the circle for me and will provide a much better experience. May be wait for a smaller version, eh? šŸ˜›

      BTW congrats on the Galaxy Tab šŸ™‚

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