How The Football World Cup 2014 Made Its Impact On Major Social Media Platforms


Social media usage has exploded over the last couple of years. From being a desktop-only luxury to a mobile-powered highly addictive segment of the world wide web, social media has come a long way. Social media refers to the platform of social apps and services that connect users across multiple platforms.

The growth has led to several new opportunities for all segments of the market. Sporting events are the latest craze when it comes to power packed social media usage. The recent football World Cup held in Brazil broke all previous records for sporting events on social media, while setting some new ones. The usage of mobile apps on smartphones has further sparked the growth of content being posted on social platforms.

Officially, the football World Cup of 2014 has become the most talked about event in the history of social media. Online interactions amongst fans accounted for over 300 million unique posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, apart from others.

On Twitter alone, the World Cup 2014 set a brand new record for the most tweets posted in a minute. The final match between Germany and Argentina saw over 619,727 people using Twitter at the full-time whistle during the game, making it the highest tweets per minute event on Twitter.

The previous record was also established at the World Cup 2014 when Germany defeated Brazil with a massive 7-1 score, during which around 580,000 tweets were recorded by Twitter. That match still holds the record for the maximum tweets posted during any sporting event — 65.6 million, while the final match ended up with around a little over 32 million tweets.

On Facebook, the numbers weren’t as high as Twitter owing to its non real-time nature but it still managed to record some massive user postings. The world’s biggest social network recorded around 280 million interactions amongst 88 million users during the World Cup final. Each interaction comprises of an event when a user posts, likes a particular post, or further shares it across their personal network.

That has broken the record on Facebook for the most number of interaction during a sporting event, the previous record for which was set during the last year’s Super Bowl event in the United States. In US alone, around 10.5 million people talked about the football World Cup 2014 on Facebook. Other countries that contributed to the massive record include Brazil, Argentina, Germany, and even Indonesia.

That’s not alone, almost every social media platform recorded a significant number in terms of overall usage and user interactions. Most of them haven’t gone public with their usage numbers yet, but one can easily make out by just visiting the platforms how the football World Cup has had a strong impact. E-commerce stores were also quick in embracing the football fever, so much that they had special discounts and products being offered on social platforms during the event.

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