Google Squared Could Turn Out Pretty Useful!

google squared

Google had earlier unveiled Google Squared during it’s Searchology briefing. Google Squared simply returns results in a neatly arranged tabular format. You can call it a spreadsheet format as well, Google likes to call it Squares. Users can share their search results on Google Squared with others by signing in. There’s also a neat option to save the search results from Squared to Google Spreadsheets. I’ll say Google Squared has an amazing potential here.

Why? For one, the data on the web today is highly unstructured. Two, it’s easier at times to get what you want from a neatly arranged search engine result that returns information exactly how you need it. Searching by keywords in the future is not going to solve all the search queries going by the sheer volume data floating across the web. Three, Google is picking up data structures from the web as facts and then arranging them in a sleek order.

Say you want to search for all the actors in the show Entourage. You can either hope there’s a relevant web page on the web listing all the actors in some random format (which might not include the facts you’re searching for) or you can choose to search on Google Squared which will return you with the exact amount of information you need along with relevant data. How cool is that?

google squared review

Of course Google Squared is currently only applicable for targeted search queries like product information, scientific search, fact sheets etc. But the usefulness factor of something like cannot be ignored. Google Squared is currently in development at Google Labs. It’ll be interesting to see how Google evolves Squared even further. As of now you know where to go for finding facts! Try it out for yourself here.

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