Google+ Affecting Search Results on Google

It has been just a few days since I joined Google+ and it has already started affecting my search results on Google. This can really freak you out at the beginning but then you realize this could be gold! I am not going to talk like a tech pundit and declare Google is on it’s way to winning the social-wars but one thing is for certain – Google got it right this time. Or that’s how it seems so far.

google plus search

My search query ‘huddle’ revealed (I was signed in to Google+) two surprising results. Apart from the obvious first result, Google mentioned that one of my friends (in one of my circles) had shared this link on Twitter. Now it doesn’t really make much of a difference since it is the top most result and I am bound to click on it, it does however project an image of how different things could turn out provided this started appearing on certain search results.

google plus

It’s not rocket science that users are more likely to click on a link that their friend might have recommended or shared previously. Similarly the last search result was a link to a Flickr page and surprisingly Google had me again. This link was also shared by someone in my social circle. Now this is certainly not the page I’m looking for right now but what if I really wanted to search for something like that, something my friend might have shared in the past. It could prove to be useful.

From my little experience with Google+ till now, it has been really amazing. Google has worked quite hard on it and it has been a good surprise for the tech community. No wonder everyone you find on Google+ is going gaga over it. I’ll share some of my experiences in the coming few days as Google begins it’s real journey into social.

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