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samsung galaxy nexus

Google’s next Android flagship device, the Samsung Nexus Prime, would be out in less than 10 hours from now. The launch event would be held at Hong Kong. The specifications for the Nexus Prime are already out, which isn’t surprising at all. The specs for the first Ice Cream Sandwich device had been floating around but were only confirmed tonight, thanks to NTT Docomo.

It seems like the device would be called Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I wonder if Google themselves would called it the Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Now that’s a dumb name for a phone that is supposed to emit smart rays. As per the leaked specifications the phone will feature a 1,2 GHz dual core OMAP4460 CPU, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (sounds yummy), 4.65-inch 720×1280 AMOLED HD screen (the screens just keep getting bigger), 5 MP camera and 1GB of RAM along with other standard features.

My initial thought is that they’re launching it at a pretty crucial stage. The iPhone 4S just came out and it’s been selling like hot cakes. Apple claims to have sold approximately 4 million during the launch weekend. 28 countries are still to follow along with 70 other countries by the year end. If the Nexus Prime starts shipping by the end of October, it may again clash with the iPhone 4S in most markets. Pricing will make a slight difference by the Nexus devices have always been pitched as developer phones. With stock Android and Google’s thought going in to it, the fanboys are the ones who always pick it up first.

I’m assuming the delay in launch could mean something exciting. If Google and Samsung can pull this one off, it would be a miracle. As for me, I’m just waiting to hear when Ice Cream Sandwich would hit the Nexus S.

Update: It’s finally out! They’re calling it Galaxy Nexus. Here’s a video:

[Image: TechCrunch]

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