Robert Scoble Loves His Google Glass!

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Science fiction has been promising wearable computing for a long time now. It’s been a personal fantasy ever since the movies made it look so damn fancy. Google might be the first company to pull it off at a massive scale while wearable computers have existed only with hobbyists and technology enthusiasts till now.

According to Robert Scoble, he’s not taking off his Google Glass after wearing them for two full weeks and falling in love with them. In his enthusiastic review for Glass he declares his love for wearable computers, how pricing will make all the difference and why it’s the next big thing. If I spent $1500 on a piece of technology that’s how my review would sound like.

By now we all know what Google Glass is currently capable of, unless you live under a big bad rock. Anyways pricing is, like Scoble pointed out in his review, pretty crucial. Glass is $1500 currently but it’s not under mass production as of now. The price will come down considerable once that happens. The only question is – by how much?

$500 seems like a decent price anyone would pay for Google Glass. It’s not like a smartphone or a computer that people will want it for their everyday lives. It’s a luxury device that you can buy to spend those extra dollars you’ve saved up. You will need a smartphone to make things work with Google Glass.

Privacy is another issue Glass will need to figure out before a wide release. I’m sure they’ll find a way to cater to the privacy-crazy audience in most first world countries. Cameras on smartphones were another thing, this is almost like holding a camera on the smartphone against someone all the time. Glass can get pretty scary for those without one. Be prepared for a “leave your Glass out” policy at most clubs, bars and other places of social interaction.

For now Google Glass is a perfect piece of hardware for science fiction fans. I am not sure if I want something like that for myself. I don’t want to add another ugly accessory to my existing dumb-looking face. I’d wait for everyone else to adopt them, let the dust settle and once everyone starts wearing them it’ll all be green. Maybe the price will come down too.

Till then let’s poke fun at those wearing one.

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