Get Google+ Invitations Now!

google plus invitations

Google+ is Google’s latest attempt at going social. It is currently available to a limited audience. They’ve currently closed the invitation system but there’s still a workaround to send invitations. In case you’re interested, drop your e-mail id in the comments section below and I’ll send one to you. But hurry, Google might wake up and cover this hole anytime now!

PS: Please use the format username[at] or simply drop me a mail at [email protected]

Update: The workaround to invite people over to Google+ doesn’t seem to work anymore. Please don’t make any further request and wait until Google opens up the invitation system for Google+ or I can find some other workaround.

google plus invitations
Update: I’ve got some invitations to share, finally! Sending to the people who’ve commented here earlier. Bring some more on and let’s see how many can get through this time.

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      1. It is not working man……..It shows “we have temporarily exceeded our capacity”We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.

  1. gergely,[email protected]

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