My Favorite Indian Brands on Twitter

my favorite brands on twitter

I love Twitter. As much as I hate it for making me so lazy that I don’t feel like blogging anymore, I like it for the micro conversations that one can have with brands. Be it registering an issue you’re having with a specific product/service or just passing on your feedback, Twitter works pretty well given it’s nature of being open. It’s obvious. Your tweets are out there in the open and if brands don’t listen and get back to you to solve your problem, it doesn’t reflect a good image.

So here are my favorite Indian brands on Twitter:

1. Zomato @Zomato

Zomato started out as FoodieBay and my real conversation started with them when they switched their name to Zomato. I was of the opinion that the name didn’t sound so cool. Of course, I was wrong. Zomato is now my favorite destination, given the fact that I’m a hardcore foodie. Zomato is just awesome on Twitter. They really listen to you and respond quickly. I’ve asked them places to eat around and they’ve always made the best recommendations. They’re always there and that’s what is so awesome about them. I always believe on social media, you don’t shut the shop at 5. Zomato is no doubt the best Indian brand on Twitter.

2. Dial A Book @DialABook

I love books buying books. I used to buy books from Infibeam and FlipKart mostly. Dial A Book is exactly what it sounds like – call them if you need a book and get it delivered at your doorstep. That’s it! A perfect solution when a need a book really quickly and don’t want to take out that credit card out of your wallet. What’s more? I’ve ordered books from them without even calling. Yes. You can simply holler at them on Twitter and they’ll take care of everything. They’re one of the first few brands I’ve really liked on Twitter because of the way they used Twitter to help spread the word. To the point, helpful, always listening and no BS.

3. Vodafone India @VodafoneIN

Mobile phone service providers are the next most important thing after your girlfriend/boyfriend now. Sometimes you want to hug them for that discount and sometimes you want to strangle them for a major outage or dissatisfaction. Vodafone India has a decent presence on social media. On Twitter I’ve found them doing a pretty neat job. Given the amount of frustrating tweets that are thrown at them, they work towards responding each of them even if it means delayed responses. Every single time I’ve had a problem, they’ve called me up manually and helped me with a resolution. I only had to provide them with my number once so they’re doing a good job behind the scenes.

4. SheepStop @SheepStop

SheepStop is a fairly new entrant to the list of brands I love on Twitter. SheepStop sells t-shirts and who doesn’t like cool tees! They follow the same business model as Threadless. People post designs, users vote and the rest you know it. What I like about them is the way they pitch themselves to potential customers. It’s irresistible and yet it doesn’t smell like spam at all. Their recent offers, Twitter based auctions and great quality t-shirts have won my heart. Good going guys!

5. Faking News @FakingNews

Faking News is our very own desi version of The Onion. I love them for their excellent sense of humor and timing. I would normally put them down on a different list but it’s a well framed brand image that they’ve created for themselves in the past couple of months that is absolutely stunning. I don’t interact much with them but not a day goes by when I don’t browse their feed specially. Hoping they keep up the good work 🙂

Which are your favorite Indian brands on Twitter? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. @Fakingnews:twitter is real fun [email protected]:twitter is also doing some awesome job 🙂 thanks for the list.

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