Facebook is BACK, boys!

facebook timeline

The title says it all. It’s almost three in the morning here and my eyeballs want to pop out. Just a few hours ago I was tuned in to F8, like every year, yet this time I felt a kick. I remember the first ever F8 I saw when Mark Zuckerberg revealed Facebook’s API and I was totally blown away. I remember I wrote a tiny Facebook app during my summer training for college. Still remember those expressions when I delivered the presentation. Those teachers had no clue what I was showing them.

Anyways past is past. What Mark showed us today was just brilliant. I have a very strong hunch that this will be yet another turning point for Facebook, which already is taking over the world. I will write more about the new announcement in detail tomorrow but here are some of my initial reactions:

Facebook Timeline – It looks beautiful! I now have it on my profile and this is the future of social networking. Timeline will make users put up more and more of their personal content on Facebook. You’ll get to experience rich profiles that’ll be easy to browse and locate specific information. A lot of people are going to whine about privacy and all as usual but I’m sure as they get used to these new profile features, they’ll only love it. Also, profiles are going to get more artistic.

Open Graph – Facebook apps are going to get more kick ass. Now you’re no longer limited to just liking stuff. As more and more apps evolve around the social scene, it’s going to get very interesting to see some innovative apps in the near future. Spotify and Netflix are going to be huge but sadly they won’t see the light of the day in India anytime soon.

More in depth discussions and opinions tomorrow.

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