Facebook Announces Upgrades to iOS, Android SDKs, Graph API & Ads API


Facebook today announced fresh updates to its Graph API and the Ads API to version 2.2 The Graph API is getting more features for apps that allow users to manage Pages while the Ads API will be getting versioning support for the first time ever.

Although the Graph API may seem like a normal upgrade, the Ads API is getting a bigger push from the world’s largest social media platform, in an attempt to support more developers. The company has also refreshed its Android and iOS SDKs to make them compatible with the latest APIs.

With Graph API 2.2, apps will be able to programmatically hide and unhide comments on Page posts, which was one of the most available requests by users. A new token will be accessible to users on the User object cache, to identify the same personal across multiple apps owned by the same business.

The update also brings a new way to manage Page subscriptions for real-time updates using a dedicated edge. Page’s attributes are also now editable easily using the API via the Page node or the settings edge. All the apps created from today will be able to call using version 2.2 or more. Graph API 2.1 will be supported till two years from now on, and will be deprecated by October 30, 2016.

The Ads API 2.2 will add support for versioning, and according to the company’s 90-day breaking change policy the API methods will be removed from versions 1.0, 2.0, and 2.1 on January 28, next year. All developers must update their apps to call the Ads API 2.2 to ensure their apps don’t break.

Versioning will bring a much more better control over how they can opt into new Ads API features. Instead of shifting migration settings in the app dashboard, developers can now specify which version number they want to use in their client codebase.

To upgrade to v2.2, mobile developers can start by downloading and installing the latest iOS and Android SDKs. Developers can declare the v2.2 in the version property while calling the init() method of the JavaScript SDK.

Source: https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2014/10/30/graph-api-v2.2/

Image source: http://developers.facebook.com

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