Dell Wants To Get Into Wearable Computing

dell wearable computer

I’ve been closely following Dell’s plans of going private again recently. The path to going private is filled with obstacles for Dell so far. Meanwhile PC sales are taking a hit in Steve Jobs’ post-PC era where smartphones and tablets are all set to enter the phase of hitting record sales almost every single quarter.

My Dell Mini laptop went kaput last week and I walked in to one of Dell’s local service centers. I knew the problem would involve them replacing the processor on the system or at the most that along with the motherboard as well – an exciting way for the company to make some money since my product was out of warranty. To my surprise the service center folks asked me to get it repaired at the local PC store guy since “they don’t have spare parts” required to fix my machine.

That sums up the state Dell is currently in.

As far as getting into wearable computers is concerned, I’d suggest they focus more on keeping current customers happy and moreover “fix their computers” when they’re ready to throw in some money. Wearable computing will take a lot more innovation to entice prospective customers. Google is on the way to do that to some extent. But for Dell it’ll mostly be copying someone’s idea and just bulk manufacturing a product that users can customize and order online most likely.

Not a good idea, Dell.

Source: Guardian

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