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buy posters online in india

Are you looking around for some cool posters for your room or office? Well look no further. There’s a hot new startup in town selling posters and cool merchandise on the web and it’s called, wait for it, Buzzingaa! Selling posters online is a totally new thing as far as the Indian e-commerce scene is concerned. Of course one can buy almost anything on eBay but nothing beats one dedicated site for something you love to buy. Buzzingaa sells posters you’d find hard to keep yourself from buying. You can find almost everything you love right there be it movies, music, humor, gaming and the list goes on. What’s more? There’s plenty of cool merchandise too!

Let’s take a deeper look at what Buzzingaa offers. Now before we do that, I know you have a question in mind. I know you want to ask me, why would anyone buy a poster online when you can get some at a local vendor for cheap? I’d say one word – quality. Another would be – customer satisfaction. Now let’s keep digging. Buzzingaa offers a variety of posters to choose from. From your favorite football club to that awesome game you love to play, Buzzingaa has everything. Apart from posters they also sell art prints, merchandise, some epic collections and they’ll soon come up with apparel too (I’m waiting for the last one).

Now let’s take a look at their services. My poster arrived real quick. Now here comes the part you must have been curious about – how does someone ship something as delicate as a poster made out of paper? Buzzingaa scores 10/10 right here. Their packaging is super awesome (like Kung-Fu-Panda awesomeness). The packaging is tough enough to survive the Iraqi war. There’s a cute scroll that comes with your order (they score extra points there) and then there’s the obvious melted glue stickies that come with it (more, more points). The poster is not the kind you’d buy from a local vendor, it’s really high quality stuff and it looks brilliant.

Will it work? Selling posters online in India is something new, as I said earlier, but it isn’t going to be easy. Not at least to start with. When you’re selling something like posters and merchandise it is very important to be able to reach out to your target audience. Obviously these set of people are the ones who’re passionate about something or the other, most probably in the age group of 15-35. This is where social media would come in and I hope they can make the best of it. Once the word of mouth goes out, it’ll also help Buzzingaa grow.

Buzzingaa lives up to the expectations and I wish them all the very best. All I’d say is that if you’re looking to buy a poster online in India, head to Buzzingaa!

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