Samsung Galaxy SIII in India – To buy or not?

galaxy siii in india

The Samsung Galaxy SIII is here and boy is it expensive or what! The launch price for the latest Galaxy flagship device is a whopping Rs. 43,180 ($785 approx). The Apple iPhone 4S is available for Rs. 42,000 upwards in India. They both would cost a kidney each, in case you’re looking forward to owning the best of two worlds.

I always tell people to let the dust settle before they go ahead a buy a newly launched device. The same rule can be applied to almost all electronics but in case of smartphones, it is much more valid, except for Apple products. Apple always has this magic touch with consistent pricing. You won’t end up feeling like a loser, unless you buy without digging some solid rumors and buy on a pre-launch day.

So should you buy the Samsung Galaxy SIII in India? Not now. Certainly.

Rajat Agrawal from BGR believes you should wait at least a week. Flipkart is already taking pre-orders for Rs. 38,900 while eBay India has listings for the Galaxy SIII starting at Rs. 40,000. The price, I feel, will further drop down in the coming few weeks as more and more retailers pass on the margin to consumers.

The next iPhone is still months away from a possible launch, unless Apple drops the bomb during WWDC this June. That would be an instant Samsung Galaxy SIII killer right there, even if Apple brings the next iPhone into the market after a month or so and simply announces new features for developers to work on.

As for me, I’ll reserve my kidney for the next iPhone, letting the Galaxy SIII pass.

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