When Can I Buy an iPhone 4S in India?

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The answer to the above question depends on who you are – rich or poor. Either way you’re an Apple enthusiast if you’ve landed here and are still reading the second sentence of this post. If you’re rich enough you can get someone to buy you an iPhone 4S and get it delivered in India and that won’t take more than a week. If you’re poor, like me, and are having a hard time saving money to buy the iPhone 4S let alone ordering it for a premium, you’ll have to wait for a long time.

iPhone 4S launched in US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Japan and the UK. No doubt these are all rich countries and Apple wants a good amount of their savings first. Next on the list is another bunch of lucky-ass countries who’ll get to buy an iPhone 4S on 28th October. Apple mentioned there would be 70+ countries who’ll get to see iPhone 4S being sold there but we still don’t have any confirmation as to which countries are included in that list. India, it seems, isn’t anywhere on that list.

The iPhone 4S is available for $199 for 16GB version with a two year contract in the US. I checked the Apple online store in UK and they do sell unlocked iPhone 4S devices but it costs £499. That means I’ll have to sell all my organs and I’ll still be short of cash. I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that the iPhone 4 goes down dirt cheap in the coming few months, I may settle for that now and get an iPhone 5 next year.

Coming back to the real topic, iPhone 4S may not be officially available in India until 2012. That’s pretty sad. Apple may not agree but India is a great market and it’s no rocket science that it’s just exploding. There are people who’re reading to give up their girlfriends for an Apple product. From Apple’s perspective I believe it’s a lot more than that. They need to get their service centers aligned to take care of returns and stuff.

I really hope things improve in the next year. We do have Apple products being sold via resellers and there are authorized service centers. But the number of outlets need to grow. Once that happens, Apple’s market share is bound to increase and we’ll have more chances of actually getting to see an iPhone or an iPad the day our American brothers get it. Of course we’re not lining up overnight just to be the first ones to buy it. Not unless we’ve made some obvious calculations first. Yes we’re cheap!

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      1. Just saw this comment now! Though it doesn’t make much sense now but isn’t it the case always that you get a gadget cheaper from US, Singapore and the likes than from India? Or, am I still missing the point?

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