Amazon Launches Marketplace In India

amazon india

After months of speculations, intense fear in the Indian e-commerce space and possible conspiracy theories – Amazon has finally launched its marketplace in India. Amazon cannot directly sell as of now but it’s a start. And I’d say a good one. It’s obvious the company has spent a lot of time before jumping towards the launch, especially from all the work that went into Junglee.

Junglee probably connected Amazon to a ridiculous number of sellers – both online and offline. No wonder you can find multiple sellers for almost every product listed on Amazon. While that’s an obvious thing for any marketplace, it shows how sellers are confident Amazon will bring them profits.

The Amazon marketplace currently sells only books, movies and TV shows but it promises more products are in the pipeline. Next up on the marketplace are mobile phones and cameras. Things are going to get pretty interesting especially with Flipkart headed on the same marketplace train of thought.

Let’s see if the legal hurdles are somehow magically resolved for Amazon in the near future, the competition could get really nasty. Amazon’s history of swallowing up competition is going to drive away aspiring Indian e-commerce entrepreneurs and put a lot of anxiety into existing players’ hearts.

It’s still too early to shoot the “who is better” arrow into the Indian e-commerce sector after Amazon’s latest entry. I won’t compare products and base my opinion on who’s better, neither will I judge anyone based on shipping timings. It’s e-commerce and these things only make sense over a period of time. So it’s more of a wait and watch game for the Amazon marketplace.

But I’m excited and I really want them to grow like super quick.

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