5 Ways I Use Live On Campus

We recently relaunched Live (laiv) On Campus in a brand new avatar. The new version shall cater to a global audience with over 50+ countries to start with. It’s fast, easy and fun. One of the most frequently asked questions about the product is what are the different ways one can use our application. The best part of the new Live On Campus and ‘The Wire’ is that you can customize and use it any way you like.

Here are 5 different ways I love to use Live On Campus:

1. Build a video playlist

live on campus

I love watching videos online. Who doesn’t? The problem is that there are too many videos. It’s hard to dig out the good ones and once you get your hands on a cool video, how do you save it for future reference? Saving bookmarks on your computer isn’t really cool. Using a simple bookmarklet I can keep all my favorite videos on my wire at Live On Campus. I can then browse all these cool videos directly by visiting my wire. What’s more? I can also share any video with my friends on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail.

2. Bookmark interesting content from the web

live on campus apps

Information overload is now a common problem on the Internet. There is so much noise and there’s so much great content that you end up missing. Bookmarks on a web browser still aren’t all that cool even with smart ass sync via the cloud and all. Live On Campus lets you keep your bookmarks on the cloud in a super cool way. The best part? It just works! Syncs automatically with the iPhone and iPad apps. The Android app is coming soon.

3. Promote a cause

peta on live on campus

We all like to follow and promote our favorite social causes. Live On Campus makes it pretty neat to not only follow but stay up to date with the latest happenings and really connect with the social causes that you believe in. Browse through the latest videos, photos, tweets and events on an organization’s wire and help make this world a better place, one click at a time.

4. Capture an event

apple wire

This one is a personal favorite. I love to catch any product launch or a major event but there’s too much pre-event and post-event information overload that I get panic attacks if I miss the slightest bit of news. Using the ‘Tag my wire’ bookmarklet that sits neatly on top of my bookmarks bar, I can keep a tab on all the news, videos and photos that I come across and then go through them one by one later on. Also creates a fantastic timeline which I can refer to afterwards while writing articles on the event for my blog.

5. Follow my favorite campuses

Last but not the least, Live On Campus lets you follow what’s hot and what’s not at your favorite campus across the globe. A friend at Stanford keeps on boasting about how cool his campus really is and to find out the truth I simply have to log on to the Stanford campus wire and there I can see all the latest videos, photos, tweets and articles straight from the campus – all on one single page. How awesome is that!

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