1, wait for it, Gbps Internet Connection In India! Whoa!

gigabit internet india

India, the land of irritating and vanilla stupid broadband policies, is slowly getting on the list of we-can-do-it-too. Seems like India’s first telecom incubator called Startup Village is in the process of setting up a gigabit network in Kerala. This is insane.

But wait, there’s more:

“Startup Village of Kochi has beocme the second place in the world, after Kansas City of United States, to experience this ultra-fast connectivity, that is all set to revolutionise the internet experience of the netizens in the coming days. By switching on the trend-setting connectivity within a few days, Startup Village has taken a major leap forward to emerge as the largest telecom incubator in the world.”

I wonder if this place is imaginary or how many people will actually benefit from this. If anything they might as well be asking for an arm and a leg for such speeds. We’re talking about the same country where employees from a state owned telecom enterprise talk bullshit about broadband and where private telecom players want to suck the life out of everyone’s broadband plans by enforcing stupid data caps.

A little Google search reveals what Startup Village in India is all about:

“Startup Village aims to incubate 1,000 product start ups over 10 years and start the search for a billion dollar company from a college campus by turn of this decade. Startup Village will create an ecosystem and provide a platform for start-ups to create breakthrough technologies for the global telecommunications industry. Startup Village will focus primarily on student startups from college campuses.”

I was right. It’s just a PR stunt by the incubator. A total of 10 people will eventually get to sit on that 1Gbps line and their balls will be tied to the chair, all the time.

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