What Would You Do With A 128GB iPad?

128gb ipad

The 128GB iPad rumors didn’t stay in the air for very long. Apple just launched the 128GB iPad 4th generation with Retina Display even before pundits could pen down long blog posts on how it could be a good or a bad idea. Apple already sells 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants of the iPad. With a massive 128GB storage option, there’s a new era of opportunities to how you can use an iPad.

Most of my friends and some people I’ve talked to are now on the golden question – what exactly can you do with a 128GB iPad? That’s almost like asking Uncle Scrooge what he’d do with another billion dollars. Another question, a more specific one, that pops up is why would you need a 128GB iPad? I say, why not?

Apple understands the value of a 128GB iPad for professional users. The official press release states all kinds of amazing stuff those guys can do with more storage. Heck, with 128GB the iPad 4th generation now takes on the base model of the MacBook Air which includes just 128GB worth of storage on a SSD. The world will soon shift to iPad or a MacBook Air set of questions.

Personally, I think the 128GB iPad makes an amazing portable media machine. It’s not enough to hold your entire media library but it’s not very tiny either. It could just about hold enough entertainment, reading material and professional information that you need on a trip abroad or even for sync-once-and-forget at home use-case scenarios. The possibilities(excuse me for the cliche), are endless. The only thing worth considering, especially in emerging markets, would be the price tag.

So what will you do with a 128GB iPad?

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