28 Ways to Market Your Small Business Online for Free

A lot of smart business owners are intrigued about how the internet can help them market their products and services better. Thanks to technology, there are now unlimited opportunities for small business owners to efficiently promote their business online. While there are both paid and free ways to do it, we suggest you get started with the free resources first. These will help you get an initial audience and will also help you understand how various online platforms work.

Here are 28 ways you can promote your small business online. All of these free and well proven methods to getting noticed online.

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Presentation: Google For Webmasters

google training presentation for webmasters

An excellent training presentation has been released by the good folks at Google. The presentation aims at explaining all the Google Search concepts to the webmasters including fluctuating page rank, image search, duplicate content etc. It’s a 20 minute presentation, a must-watch for all webmasters, search engine optimization experts and bloggers. You can view the presentation online here and you can download the slides used in the audio/video presentation here.